Spot Runner & Co. Make Television Advertising Easier Than Ever

May 8, 2008 at 12:31 am Leave a comment

Last week, in my posts about how New Media 2.0 is making Television Advertising more accessible, one company I didn’t mention was Spot Runner, a company I had been somewhat familiar with because of their connection to 60 Frames.

Of course, I follow 60 Frames for a few reasons. The company’s CEO, Brent Weinstein, was one of the first people to really understand the potential of online video for delivering original content.

60 Frames is also behind Blood Cell the new online series starring Jessica Rose, who I had the pleasure of working with many times as a Lonelygirl15 writer-director.

Anyhow, you know the drill by now: Spot Runner allows you to run television spots using its online interface. Looking at their site compared to SaysMe or VoterVoter, and in my opinion, Spot Runner is the company most likely to face off against Google TV Adwords and Project Canoe in the coming year – but far as I can tell, they might be poised to co-exist as they appear to be distribution-channel agnostic (from what I can tell).

Spot Runner appears to be tapping into multiple distribution channels and is placing more of an emphasis on being able to purchase customizable advertising that’s already produced, but can be purchased exclusive to your advertising needs in your local market (your custom information gets added into each spot).

It’s a slightly different approach, but one that is quite slick — and, it’s already up and running with a huge database of commercials. No wonder they were able to raise the big bucks – it will also be curious to see what they do with online video and social media, as a result of their endeavors with 60 Frames.

NewTeeVee has the details here: Spot Runner Raises Another $51M

Glenn Rubenstein


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