Folding The Wish: The ARG community rallies for Puppet-Master Dave Szulborski

May 19, 2008 at 4:50 am Leave a comment

Alternate Reality Game players have grown quite accustomed to offering their assistance – especially when people are in life or death predicaments. Over the last ten years or so, a growing number of ARG players have risen to the challenge, time and again, to help complete strangers as a part of the plot to various Alternate Reality Games.

But over the course of the past month, many people from the ARG community have come together to show their support for Dave Szulborski, known to many as the puppet-master behind popular Alternate Reality Games like Urban Hunt and Chasing the Wish.

Dave has spent the better part of the past few weeks in the hospital, undergoing treatments, and when he returned home recently, he found a surprise waiting for him.

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Glenn Rubenstein


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