Glenn Rubenstein

Glenn Rubenstein's Picture Taken in May of 2008

In the world of online video, Glenn Rubenstein is known for his work as a Lonelygirl15 writer-director, and also as the creator of the original online video series REDEARTH88 and OpAphid (an interactive Alternate Reality Game).

As a journalist covering video games and interactive technology, Glenn Rubenstein has previously been a columnist with the San Francisco Examiner and Sports Illustrated for Kids, and also an editor at the popular gaming sites GameSpot and CNET Gamecenter.

He was also one of the original contributing editors to Wired Magazine, and has appeared on TechTV, G4, and MSNBC.

From 1995 to 2002, Glenn Rubenstein was also a rapper and songwriter for the band Headboard, an indie rock, alternative pop group.


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