TV Advertising Gets Punk’d? Ashton Kutcher invests in SaysMe

SaysMe is an intriguing idea, although it is similar to another site, VoterVoter. The idea for both is that you can purchase local cable television spots to air your uploaded advertising. The initial focus is politics, given that it’s an election year and all. But if it expands beyond politics, the chance to purchase air time in prime time for user generated content is just too good to ignore.


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Here Comes The Money – $217 million raised for Online Video in 2008

Every day I see another new online video start-up enter the emerging world of New Media 2.0. It’s no wonder why, as NewTeeVee writes:

“Profits may not have arrived for online video, but venture capitalists are still happy to pick up the bill. More and more U.S.-based, venture-backed online video companies are attracting more and more financing each year, according to Dow Jones VentureSource. Some $460.5 million was invested in such startups in 2007, up from $266.9 million in 2006. And already, in the first quarter of 2008, another $217.3 million rained down on the category.”

But why do most seem like “me too” endeavors? Coming from my experience as a writer and director on Lonelygirl15, and the interactive side of things with OpAphid, I am well aware what a struggle it can be to do something “different” in this business and get people excited about putting money behind it–at least that was the case a little over a year ago.

But perhaps it’s all a matter of timing, because these past few months with REDEARTH88, the ways that it is “different” seem to make it more attractive as an independent online series. Needless to say, it’s definitely an exciting time to be a creator in the online video business.

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Glenn Rubenstein

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REDEARTH88 covered by TVWeek’s Web Video Report

TVWeek’s WebVideoReport covers REDEARTH88, and the site is currently featuring the RE88 video Aly Zarin.

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It’s Like Television on the Internet – Only Better!

I’ve been predicting this for awhile, but this year we’re going to see the rise of cross-media “seeding” for television properties as a way to attract new viewers–and also to sustain a series fan base in between new episodes. Case in point: The new 90210’s character breakdowns include a character named Silver, who is a girl that posts videos on YouTube.

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Glenn Rubenstein and Headboard – Almost Famous via Social Media

In a time before my experience with REDEARTH88, lonelygirl15, or OpAphid, I spent seven years of my life making music and touring with my band, Headboard. That time period, 1995 to 2002, was an interesting one for aspiring musicians. The rise of MP3 technology and peer-to-peer sites like Napster helped give birth to the concept of social media as we know it. Without or Napster, I’m not so sure that sites like Digg or YouTube would be popular today. Sure, sites like Geocities were already letting people publish web pages–but the idea of a user-driven, user-rated content-specific community was still in its infancy.

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Social Media Evangelists are Coming For Us All

However, it’s not all unrealized potential, because people are finding new ways to take advantage of these tools each and every day. For me, it inspires me to think about what I can do to expand the format of an interactive video series further, beyond what I’ve already been able to do with OpAphid or REDEARTH88, or through my work on Lonelygirl15. – Glenn Rubenstein

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Soon it will cost me $100 to fill up my gas tank…

If I could afford it, I’d be looking at an economy car right now–because if I could get even 40 miles per gallon or so it would be more cost-effective in the short term than a hybrid.

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